Days of Grace

Day 808. Still Single

As time went on, I got over that. I’m still partnerless, but right now, I have zero desire whatsoever to date anyone. Relationships take a lot of work. They also take a lot of time. My life is crazy and busy and messy. Adding someone else to that crazy, busy mess would just make it crazier, busier, and messier. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially not me. Not right now

Day 739: VBS

I’m currently sitting alone in the church, soaking up the silence after a phenomenal night of ministry. If you don’t know, VBS is my jam. I’ve been doing it for, well, what seems like forever. At least 15 years. Probably more but who’s counting? I love VBS. It’s the highlight of my summer. My year, […]

Day 708: Smoke Detector

You know that really annoying chirp smoke detectors make when they’re not working? Well, the one in my boys’ room has been doing it for a couple days. Replacing the battery didn’t help. So tonight, when we got home from baseball, I got a small stool and a screwdriver and I replaced that stupid thing […]

Day 678: Card

In a conversation with an acquaintance who had also lost a spouse way to early, it was mentioned that widows often remember very little, if anything, from the first year. I’ve found that to be both true and false. Some things I remember with laser focus. The ER. Crying when I went the first time […]

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