Day 272: Coronavirus

So I was talking to my therapist last week about this whole Coronavirus thing. She and I had to meet via Zoom, because you know, COVID-19 and social distancing and all that.

Anyway, she was asking me how I’m doing with the whole thing and we ended up talking about how in a really weird way, it’s kind of nice to have the whole world in crisis. That sounds horrible. Please, hear me out.

It’s not that I want the whole world to be in crisis. Goodness, no. This is a big deal and things are getting ugly around the globe. People are dying. That means there will be more widows. More orphans. More grief. More pain.

I don’t want that.

But in a really weird and maybe twisted way, it’s nice to be able to focus on something else. On something that everyone is experiencing together. We all know what it’s like to live this new “alone together” normal. There is solidarity. There is focus. I am not alone in this struggle. And I’m embracing that. The normalcy of this abnormal time. The idea that I am not the only one. My kids are not the only ones. People get this.

And my perspective is different now. Yes, my kids and I are driving each other crazy and there is no doubt at all about which one of us is one hundred percent an extrovert! But in that crazy, I am cherishing this time. I’m finding ways to connect, be it binge watching Stranger Things with Abby or reading a chapter a day in a new book with Asa, I’m making an effort to really be here. Now. Present.

And then I escape to the bath with a book and some chocolates, because…balance, people.

I miss Vance in all of this. I wonder what his take would be. How his job would be effected. Where he would draw the lines and set the rules. I think about how he’d like that I’m cooking and how he’s the only one who ever ate the leftovers.

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