Day 663: James 1:27

The other day, two men spent over three hours at my house, fixing a broken door and a clogged dryer vent, which was partially caused by a leak in my roof, which was supposed to have been fixed less than two years ago but apparently was not. This “quick fix” turned out to be a not-so-easy easy task.

This isn’t the first, or even the second time they’ve been here. They’ve moved appliances, ripped out old flooring and more.

I’ll be honest with you. These guys haven’t been our lifelong friends. Vance would have known them but to the best of my knowledge, they’d never been together outside of work or maybe the occasional a church service or function. They’d never cracked open a beer with him or been to our home before Vance died.

But their wives have become my friends and they come as a package deal. So when I need an extra hand or two, these fellas show up and they do the things I can’t. When they leave, they don’t ask for anything. In fact, they refuse to take any compensation, despite the fact that they often not only give of their time but also buy the occasional part or two for whatever project they’re checking off my honey-do list.

I thought about telling you their names but here’s the thing: They would hate that more than just about anything. These guys aren’t doing one bit of this for attention, recognition or praise. They are doing it because they are hard workers who love well through their work.

You’re never going to see these guys in a pulpit. They might not come to a Bible study every week. But the religion these guys have, looking over this widow in her distress, well, that’s a Biblical one. One I’m forever thankful for.

Religion that our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look over widows and orphans in their distress…”

James 1:27a NIV

For the record, these aren’t the only ones who have been helpful to me. Many men and a fair amount of women, have chosen to care for this widow and her fatherless children. I’ve written about it before and this probably isn’t the last time you’ll hear me say this, but I am so abundantly, eternally thankful for those who have loved us well as we travel this new road.

Thank you.

From the depths of my heart. Thank you.

One thought on “Day 663: James 1:27

  1. Kelsey,

    I am SO glad you have people like that in your life! BEING THERE is what true Christians are supposed to do. True Christians take care of those who need taken care of….give support to those who need it….even if they DON’T go to church every time the building is open.

    My number is: 620-203-8177 if you need an ear. I’m normally around…

    Take care, lady! Our prayers are with you!


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